The studio was set a 2 day task to come up with a nice Christmas email image without using any cgi or photoshop. The snowglobe used the new large Vessel lamp shade and a geometric wooden tree as the centre piece. The technical part was how to make it snow. Click on image to view.

Blown has won ‘Lamp of the year’ in Plaza Magazine


Crane TV & Design Milk

Crane Tv & Design Milk have collaborated to do a series of interviews with designers called ‘Where I Work’. They came into the studio last month to interview Samuel. Click on image to view.

Milan 2014

Casamania 2014Link to our latest newsletter – Milan 2014

Newsletter 2014 – part 1

Newsletter 2014 - part 1
Here is a link to latest newsletter 2014 – part 1

Voltage installation – Cologne IMM

Voltage – IMM Cologne – 2014


Voltage installation features the Blown lamp designed for Danish brand &tradition. The idea for this installation echoes the main ideas behind Blown by exploring reflection and refraction. The plinth combines the two types of Blown lamp with an architectural mesh usually seen within laminated windows to screen the sun. The special mesh is coated on the inside with a reflective metallic finish that reflects the light. From the outside the light appears distorted it as it passes through creating an effect of large light waves as the user moves past.

Making of Voltage installation

London Design Festival 2013

composition_filter_short 640px

Blown is Samuel Wilkinson’s first lamp for &tradition. The mouth-blown pendant lamp with a variegated lozenged pattern comes in two versions: translucent with a silver lustre and sandblasted matte white. The pendant was conceived over a 2 year period of research and development as an exploration of the reflections, distortions, and refractions of a light source.

Stand S34 / Design Junction
21-31 New Oxford Street, The Sorting Office, London WC1A 1BA
19-22 Sept 10:00-18:00

HATCHAM Chair & Table for DECODE
A new table design for the Hatcham series coincides with the launch of the production version of the chair. The design includes the signature aluminium sand cast bracket connecting solid wood legs to the structure.

The Looking Glass, 49 Hackney Road, E2 7NX
17-22 Sept 12:00-17:00 ; late night Tuesday until 12midnight

Thirty is a rotating LED light that can sit on the wall or the ceiling. The 30 degree angled face produces a semi-directional diffused light. Its rounded asymmetrical shape has a pure aesthetic that looks great from all angles. The light works in both formal and playful configurations.

Stand F38 / Design Junction
21-31 New Oxford Street, The Sorting Office, London WC1A 1BA
19-22 Sept 10:00-18:00

LDF ’13 – Moleskine Sketch Relay – V&A

Exhibition: Gallery 220, Sackler Centre, V&A : 10am – 5.45 Monday – Sunday

Samuel Wilkinson - Moleskin Sketch Relay

Samuel Wilkinson – Moleskin Sketch Relay

Samuel Wilkinson has been invited to participate in the Moleskine Sketch Relay at the V&A as part of the London Design Festival.
Over 70 leading London-based designers will contribute sketches and illustrations to the exhibition, which will focus on this year’s LDF theme: Design is Here, There and Everywhere.

Unfolded Magazine interview

Unfolded_mag 6 page interview with Fashion and Arts magazine UNFOLDED

New collaboration with Zero

Samuel Wilkinson has collaborated with respected Swedish lighting brand ZERO.The new LED lamp, Thirty, will be shown for the first time at the Stockholm furniture fair. The wall/ceiling variation is the first in a family series.