Client: Decode
Crinkle is new linear LED lamp with an irregular crinkled surface.  The slender monolithic series is Samuel Wilkinson’s second range for the British manufacturer Decode after the successful Vessel lamps. Crinkle was designed as antithesis to the usual sterile offering of linear lighting products.

“I really wanted to design a linear product that had a little bit more personality than normal products of this type, a piece that is raw and very honest about the way it is made. Extruded aluminium is common for these products but most of the time all the extruded details are on the inside or covered up so the idea was to do the opposite with a textured outer and smooth interior surface”

The outer surface of the aluminium shroud has an asymmetrical pattern, developed from a hand sketched line, that will reflect and distort the light across its rippled surface.

The extrusion is cleanly sliced with a small angle at each end and fitted with a diffuser that is recessed away from the edge promoting the extruded method of production. It can be hung horizontally as a pendant or fitted onto a circular marble base to work vertically. A wall mounted version will also be released.