Float & Gravity



Float & Gravity are Samuel Wilkinson’s first collaboration with Italian bathroom brand EX.T.

The new line of bathroom mirrors is inspired by universal space and the force of gravity.

Float is a large round mirror that appears to have two geometric objects floating within its surface. The mirror is a playful contemporary interpretation of the classic dressing room vanity mirror. Towards the bottom edge is a rounded semi-circular black marble shelf, at the top a spherical opaque glass lamp that is switched on/off via a black pull cord below.

Gravity is a playful double mirror whose geometric elements magically appear to be drawn together, like two planets pull together by gravity. The larger geometric oval mirror has a thick angled rim that can be hung portrait or landscape.

The second smaller magnified round mirror points back toward the user and can be detached or placed around the edge as desired by the user. Options will include large round main mirror and unmagnified smaller mirror will also be available.

Both mirrors combine the perfect balance between unique iconic forms and solid functionality. The designs feature a sophisticated simplicity which makes the mirrors versatile & unique accessories for the bathroom and beyond.