Client: EMU
Grace is a die-cast aluminium range of furniture for Italian brand EMU. The family consists of a stacking chair, armchair, a stool, and a folding café table.

Grace draws inspiration from early 20th century wood furniture and is created to work in all environments, indoor and outdoor.

The lightweight furniture has a deceptively heavy appearance due to the deep hollowed seat pad, which is in reality only 3mm thick. The folding café table has a simple self-locking mechanism and the legs have been designed to stack neatly in series.

We were commissioned by EMU to design a contemporary chair/armchair that could cross the boundaries of indoor and outdoor furniture. Utilising their extensive knowledge of metal furniture we wanted to design a democratic collection that would have a strong character and style but still come in at an affordable price. By making the castings and connections work hard we have reduced the amount of welding to a minimum. This allows flexibility for the manufacturer and helps to reduce cost as smaller components can be individually finished then assembled before shipping.