HAZE lamp



Client: Zero Lighting

A contemporary interpretation of an oriental lantern with collars capping a rounded form.


The lamp features a bespoke 3D knit cover that fits snugly around the globe, with wooden collars located at the top and bottom to conceal the fabric ends.

HAZE’s name is derived from the visual fading effect that occurs around the edge of the lamp, caused by the knit material gradually masking the illuminated light as it wraps around the rounded diffuser.

Thanks to its friendly shape and approachable materials, such as the knitted melange fabric and natural wood, the HAZE lamp exudes a soft and welcoming personality.

It is available in both pendant and floor lamp versions and would fit perfectly in any home or commercial setting.

‘The idea for HAZE came about by accident, after some 3D knitted fabric samples were placed on top of a globe lightbulb during a different project. By chance we noticed the interesting dimming effect created by the thickness of the fabric as it wrapped around the form’