Latis Chair



Client: The Conran Shop
The Latis series is a collection of chairs that all share the same steam bent solid ash skeleton.

The result is a range of versatile dining chairs that are high in craft and efficient in production.

The chairs represent the first project collaboration between the studio and The Conran Shop.

The main idea for Latis was to try to produce a timeless signature chair with modern aesthetic, something that had shared components so that multiple variations could be easily created.

The series features three main types, a super light Vienna straw chair where the frame has been reduced down to a bare minimum, a plywood variant and an upholstered option. Each has a unique look and feel which are designed to appeal to a wide range of contexts.

Latis is a chair that we are really proud of as it’s taken over 2 years of development to complete.

The outcome is perfect example of our current methodology of trying to create ‘Industrial craft’. A desire to produce pieces that fully evoke a handmade craft aesthetic while still being efficient to be produced in greater numbers. 

The key was trying to find a harmonious visual balance across the whole range,  from Vienna straw to plywood to the upholstered chair.

This is hopefully achieved by using the same steam bent components and then cutting different details into the solid ash frames via CNC machining to accept each material in a clean and aesthetic way.