Latis Desk



The main intention for the Latis desk was to design a working space that created a comfortable cocoon for the user.

Made from all natural materials the desk has ample space for a laptop or desktop and can happily sit in the middle of a room as well as up against a wall.


Float is a large round mirror that appears to have two geometric objects floating within its surface. The mirror is a playful contemporary interpretation of the classic dressing room vanity mirror. Towards the bottom edge is a rounded semi-circular black marble shelf, at the top a spherical opaque glass lamp that is switched on/off via a black pull cord below.

The desks structure, like the chair, has a signature curving line that connects the front legs via a wooden rail that sweeps up and across the top of the screen.

The structure is completed by the connected rear leg dowel and lower cross bar that all get pinned by a solid ash surface. The piece is strong yet still lightweight. At the back of the surface is a useful wooden plug for cable management.

“I wanted to design a desk that had a cocooning effect, I am easily distracted so this desk was very much designed towards my needs. The Vienna straw screen creates beautiful shadowing as the sun passes through while being closed enough for privacy”

The versatile design, expertly crafted in northern Italy, also doubles as a dressing table and pairs perfectly with its matching Latis Chair.