Milan 2018

16th April 2018
9:25 am

This year for the Salone Samuel Wilkinson studio will launch three new products. A wooden stool BERET with Italian brand Crassevig and the inaugural two products, SMILE & CURLI, for new collaborative lighting brand BEEM.


Beret is a wooden stool that combines pure geometry with premium comfort. The idea was to design a stool with a surprising level of comfort within a slim minimal form. The combination is achieved through the complex curvature of the round 3d ply seat pan. Beret will be available in 3 different heights and a variety of finishes.

CRASSEVIG / Salone del Mobile, 20017 Rho / HALL 7 H21


BEEM seeks to reshape the world of light bulbs through innovative combinations of pure form and the latest LED technology. The new brand is a collaboration between designer Samuel Wilkinson and experienced lighting entrepreneurs Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra.

Soft-launching at Milan Design Week 2018 at forward-thinking new design district Ventura Future – the design destination showcasing the products of tomorrow – BEEM presents two striking lamps designs, scheduled to enter production later in 2018.

SMILE is a distinct, graphic and modern glass bar of light fitted with a flexible filament attached to a ceramic base. Three shapes are available: a straight line, a U shape and a smile-like upward curve

“We consciously set out to make contemporary forms. The bulb market is saturated with retro styling – it’s good to create something different. We realised that nearly all bulbs went downwards and appeared to flow out from the bulb holder. Our initial reaction was to make forms that do the opposite – why not go upward and try to visually separate the parts? A light becomes a sculpture in the air – why do you want to look at the lump of the bulb holder above it? Why not either hide it with the bulb, as in CURLI, or make it a key part of the design’s visual balance, as with the SMILE range”

CURLI is a swirl of light that takes its formal inspiration from the calligraphic flourish off the curlicue to create a continuous asymmetric coil that twists up and around the bulb holder.

Ventura Future @ Future Dome, Via Paisiello, 6, 20131


For more info about BEEM and Samuel Wilkinson, please contact Dorothy Bourne at or on +44 (0)7939 200519.